Need to Repair your WROL UP (Roll up) Shutters ?


Shutters will not stay in place ?


This is the place to go to learn how to fix the shutters yourself and get the part that most often breaks!



How they work:


            Inside the roll at the top of the shutter are two coil springs that are preloaded to offset the weight of the shutter itself.  Each spring is fastened to the roll core near the center of the roll and is fastened to a shaft that protrudes from the plastic bearing at the end of the roll.  This shaft is then fixed to two arms which are mounted to the frame of the shutter (at the end of the roll).


Failure mode:


            The spring is coiled around a steel shaft and is fastened to a plastic spacer with a pin. The spacer is then held to the roll core with a screw. Over time, the plastic becomes brittle and fails where it hold the pin. This removes all of the tension on that spring which means that ½ of the weight is no longer supported and the shutter will drop to the bottom.

            The stock plastic piece, a molded part, is very weak in design and has a very limited availability. 


Replacement Parts:


            I have found it almost impossible to find this part and have designed a much more robust replacement. 


            Click HERE for the pdf document which details how to replace the offending part.


I am offering the replacement part for $60 each including shipping.  When you see the part and compare it to the old one, you will see why it should outlast 3 of the old ones. These parts are hand made on a lathe out of solid Delrin™. Parts are currently in stock and ship the next business day after receipt of payment. Included is a new roll pin and two 1/8 pop rivets per part to assist in the reassembly.


To order parts, send email to and we will promptly respond with availability and payment information.


For those of you in Southeast Florida,  there is a loyal customer who is offering to repair your Wrolup shutter for a fair price.

If you are interested, please contact Barry at  He will service customers from North Miami to South Palm Beach.


For those of you in Southwest Florida,  there is a loyal customer who is offering to repair your Wrolup shutters and other brands in theses counties: Lee, Collier,  and Charlotte only. Joe Schoonover, and Team, Repair Specialists of all Hurricane Shutters,Inc. dba Shutters239

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